Corporate Giving for Children Fighting Cancer

How GRCF Programs Help Companies Get Involved

Gold Rush Cure provides opportunities for employees and corporate giving programs to have a direct impact for children fighting cancer. Your organization has choices and scalability as to where your donation makes an impact as well as what level you want to engage.

Group Volunteer & Donate

Offer employee groups a chance to volunteer their time paired with monetary donations or create your own engagement at a level you choose.

Geographic Impact

We have direct impact opportunities Nationwide but specific focuses in our chapter areas which gives you freedom to choose where you give back.

Cause Focused

Since we are an all-volunteer foundation we are able to allocate 100% of your donation to the cause and directly show the impact you made.

Bring A Cause Like Childhood Cancer into Your Workplace with #GRCF

Gold Rush Cure Foundation has been the choice of many companies, corporate foundations, and grant recipients to really make a difference in the lives of children fighting cancer. Our ability to reach this cause is unlike most other foundations because we maintain direct relationships with the families and their care centers. We help your donation matter during a critical time in their journey.