Children Fighting Cancer Need More Funding & Research

Gold Rush Cure Legislative Advocacy Program

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Going to the Hill: Advocating for Children Fighting Cancer with #GRCF

Advocating with #GRCF for children fighting cancer is about federal government reform, budget allocation and appropriations, and enhanced public policy to focus on better treatments for children and teens with cancer. Our program is about making our message heard among the halls of congress and being a voice for the voiceless.

Leading from the front is Christian Barker's Mother, Sandy Barker who has done over 26 advocacy trips supporting new research and less toxic treatments for childhood cancer.

Advocacy Partners & Coalitions

Gold Rush Cure's Advocacy Structure

GRCF's advocacy program is all-volunteer and our funding supports our trips and efforts to reach lawmakers through in-person visits. Gold Rush Cure takes direction with our advocacy partners and participate in their community sponsored events. We do not employ or hire lobbyists, advocacy firms, or other public policy experts.

By bringing our positions in front of lawmakers and policy directors we give a voice to the voiceless and bring awareness to the injustice facing children fighting cancer. It is our mission to continue to keep pressure on our federal government until cures and less toxic treatment are available to children battling cancer.