Bringing Hope & Encouragement to Children Fighting Cancer

About Gold Rush Cure Foundation

Gold Rush Cure supports children with cancer through our Pot of Gold program while advocating for a cure on a legislative level.

With chapters in San Diego, Orange County/Los Angeles, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Colorado, New York City, and a support network all over the US. Gold Rush Cure supports children battling cancer bringing hope and compassion when they need it most.

Our Inspiration

Christian Gordon Barker 5/6/1993 - 12/29/2007

They say our true colors are revealed when we face adversity. Christian showed us his true colors through his incredible courage, determination, respect, compassion for others, and faithfulness in God. His quiet and sweet nature spoke volumes. I hope he can see how his life and legacy have impacted so many people. He is the driving force behind so much of what we do.

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Pot of Gold Program

Gold Rush Cure has been able to reach children fighting cancer all over the United States through our Pot of Gold program.

Pot of Gold Program Growth


42 Deliveries


68 Deliveries


70 Deliveries


153 Deliveries


139 Deliveries

“You can adopt the attitude, ‘there is nothing you can do’ or, you can see the challenge as your call to action.”

Catherine Pulsifer

Legislative Advocacy Program

A key long-term mission is local and national advocacy. Gold Rush Cure Foundation advocates for childhood cancer research funding and awareness on a legislative level.

One of our co-founders, Sandy Barker has been to DC over 25 times to give a voice to kids fighting cancer.